Tuesday, December 06, 2005

#17 - Role Model.

Saw Ice Princess last night and the first thing I noticed was the soundtrack at the opening! So I look up on it and found this girls;
Aly & AJ!
They're sisters; Aly & AJ, and if you watch enough Disney Channel, you'd notice that Aly, is a matter of fact Keely in Phil of The Future!
Anyway, if you go to their website, you could listen to bits of their music and watch their video.. so, get!
(No One is the song I heard - and love! - in Ice Princess.)

House WatchTonight on House!
At a high-level campaign fundraiser, a senator becomes violently ill. Vogler forces House to take the senator's case and offers to let off the hook on firing a team member if he'll deliver a speech on behalf of Vogler's pharmaceutical company.

now.. what will he do, eh?
o house.. why o why?


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