Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Life goes on, apparently.

Feels like the ugliest person alive this morning.
Couldn't stop myself from crying and it seems like I'm the only one. Not only I'm the laziest, silliest of the family.. I also happen to be the lamest of all.
It's a wonder how life could just go on and how minutes simply turn into hours when you're curling inside your bed, trying to hide from the world that you are truly depressed.
It isn't fair.
I wish I had the day off tomorrow so I could at least show up to work looking decent, but by the way I can't stop this tears from rolling down my face it would be impossible. I'd probably look like a retarded guppy by the morning.

What's more messed up is that I cry even more when everyone else is being nice to me. Papa gave me an extra hug.. Mama and Nina sugared more of their voice.. It makes me feel even worse!!
I just don't get why am I the only one who's crying like crap! I feel so pathetic!!!

You can't possibly imagine the silence of the house.
Just entering the room was depressing.

I miss Dida already, and it sux!


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