Friday, December 09, 2005


She got into an accident AGAIN!!! Can you believe her??
The stupid git.

This one was worse.. but she got out of the wreck pretty okay. Yes, wreck.
She was driving at 100km/h and somehow hit a "dog with a mission". As Dida had told us, it (the dog) was sitting pretty still on the road and when Dida tried to changed lanes, the dog changed it's position too. The damned dog!
So Dida had no choice but to ram the stupid dog - which then died (padan muke ko!) - but her car swerved to the side and hit the divider, and then it flipped a couple of times and landed on it's roof into a ditch - submerging her head for a few seconds before it turned to land back on it's "feet". (pardon the too many 'and's)

She's okay. She's really fine. Just some scratches and cuts from the broken glasses.
Will probably upload a few pictures later.
Thank God there were people around to help her out.

Dida said she's now considered a stuntman. Could even match Evil Knievel. She also said, "anjing memang haramm!" (dogs are definitely haram!)
And here's a community message from her; Don't speed, and always wear the seat belt.

Now tell me.. why shouldn't anyone get worried when she'll leave for Rotterdam??
(Good thing she won't be driving there!)


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