Saturday, December 24, 2005

Really REALLY pissed.

Happened to run to a rather rude mamak as I was walking towards the bus station from work. Note: I'm not being racist. I'm simply giving out the particulars of the guy who pissed me earlier. He was a mamak, with love handles, rather short, and has a woman-like voice. When I think about it, the person could have actually been a very man-like lady. O well, who cares! I don't! As a matter of fact, I wouldn't mind at all if that particular mamak just DIE! Maybe I should light a fire at the very spot where he stood. Stupid friggin' idiot!

Then there was rain.. I really don't mind the rain. I LIKE rain. But I was in the bus.. and there was a leak on it's roof. Well, you do the math.
And a certain person promised to come pick me up with an umbrella from the bus stand.. well, the person didn't came. Empty promises. What a surprise.

Really really upset.
Really REALLY.
Couldn't even pretend to write about the nice things that happened today.


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