Saturday, December 24, 2005

Disorganized thoughts.

eek! December's ending! I haven't quite figured out next months layout! egaad! I think it's slightly frustrating that now I've been working.. I hardly have any time left to think. Well, maybe because I've never been a very good thinker anyways that I just find it even harder to slip a thought in.
I told Pei Sun (the supervisor!) that I wish to work for only four days come January but she said January is a busy month as well - and that Jesse (?) (bigger boss at the office in Kerinchi) would want a real excuse for having such request.
Apparently the others; Chai Ling, Angel, Liyana, Mimi (co part-timers) only works 2-3 days a week because they're still studying.
Yeah yeahh.. too bad for me. Now I'm tempted to go back to school! ahahhaha!!

Maybe they'll let me change my schedule in February. Hopefully. I really wish to have the time to lie down and think, instead of squeezing in a thought while I was shampooing my hair. And I'd like to be able to write like a decent sane woman instead of trying to keep my handwritings readable as I was writing in a particularly ancient bus.

Pei Sun was really nice today.. She bought all of us a Christmas pressie! Me like very much! It was a little bag of cookies and a small cute cup. I can never say no to sugar!! heehee.
Just this week I'm practising an all-fat diet. Really awesome!
You know what they say about emotional-eaters? The ones who stuffed themselves because they were upset or depressed? Well, of course I'm upset about Dida not being here to hover around me and nag, but really.. getting to eat as much sugar as you want for a mere reason of depression?? THIS IS THE LIFE! ekkekeke!!
I had ice cream on Wednesday (an Oreo McFlurry to be exact!), chocolates on Thursday (Kinder Bueno and TWIX!) and a chocolate sundae and some cookies on Friday! I've never felt happier in my life!
Note: fat and sugar is the PERFECT way to sabotage yourself.

Was just thinking about what I'm going to do with my first pay. It's not much, but still! I could buy some things with the money. Of course, the practical way is to reload my Touch 'N Go or my phone or to let it "grow" in the bank, but really! My insides just screams that I should spend every cent of it on silly things so I'd remember it for the rest of my life!
I actually have a couple of ideas..
1. that McFLY songbook I found at the shelf in Kino for piano, vocals and guitar. Although I might never actually play their songs as it was meant to be played, it should feel great to own a piece of them! (downside: the book costs RM114)
2. had always wanted one o' those take-away coffee flasks. (downside: RM60+ well, could probably found one that's cheaper.. but do I have to?)
3. treat my good friends at a really nice place!! (downside: they didn't get me anything for my birthday!! And with food, you won't have much memory of it since you'll flush them away by the next day.)
4. get that new Cecelia Ahern's book! (downside: it's not out in pocket size yet! Would hate to carry around an A5-like story book. And it's RM60+. Should probably buy two books with the same price!)
5. finally get a decent, nice, something for Dida's belated pressie and send it off to Rotterdam. (downside: err.. naaaah! I'm too selfish for that! ekkekeke!)

O well, I'll decide once I cash in the cheque. Will tell how the outcome goes..
As for now, I better go to sleep. Getting the early shift tomorrow. Can't afford to be late - AGAIN! (I keep on getting in late, it's awful!)


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