Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Loving today.

Today felt really neat...
For one, my feet didn't hurt as much as the last two days.
Two, Nina came along after work with us - feels like the good ole times.
Three, we ate at Pizza Hut - and when "serious senior Pizza Hut diners" that are closely related to Mohd Idris doesn't get the exact topping on their pizzas, drama will surely follow. heehee! Was so funny, watching the waiters having a meeting over extra cheese, pineapples and olives.
For a minute, there were 3 waiters at our table!
Then later when it's settled, those waiters just got so keen on our table that when one of them overheard Dida saying that there wasn't any chilly sauce on the table, he clearly calls out at his friends for sauce - repeatedly. Probably afraid that we'll cause any more "scene". heehee.
Obviously something's wrong with us.. for enjoying our time bullying those waiters.

Okie! Sorry if you didn't understand my rather rusty writing skills. The whole thing about the pizza place was supposed to be funny.
Gotta go. Dida wants the laptop.



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