Wednesday, July 17, 2002

It's half past three.. I can't sleep and I'm stressed out!! Demmit! Waaaaaaaaaaa!!
Why? Well, just got this email.. from Telling me that I have a SECRET ADMIRER! Wakkakka!!
And it's driving me crazy!! I can't guess who he is! Or SHE is!! Arrrghhhh!! It's not like I care that much.. but I DO!!!
I'm pondering.. pondering.. pondering.. Aaaaaaaarrrkkkkk!! It's driving me nuts!!
I still wanna know who this person is.. even if he/she is only guessing my name!! Urrghhh!!

Wanna know what the clues are??
1. Your secret admirer is between 15 and 19 years old
2. Your secret admirer likes to spend free time doing TV/Videos
3. Your secret admirer's perfect first date is A walk through the park
4. Your secret admirer's hair is Dark Brown
5. Your secret admirer has Black eyes
6. Your secret admirer's perfect "getaway" date is Sailing in the Caribbean
7. Your secret admirer describes his/her sense of humor like this: I'm a goofball
8. Your secret admirer has this type of pet: Dogs
9. Your secret admirer would do the following if he/she won the lottery: Donate most of it to charity
10.Your secret admirer has this much education: Bachelors Degree
11. Your secret admirer does this kind of work: Student

Damn I hate those guessing games!!!
So, heyy! If any of you out there knows who's been playing around this site.. and knows me.. DO TELL!! I'm officially confused!


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