Thursday, July 25, 2002

Hohh!! I wonder....
Well.. just now I remembered that I forgot to tell you about something.. Hihhi..
I actually had my sixth accident yesterday! Aggagga!! Right before the trip..
I actually slipped at the stairs!!!!! YEPP! The stairs! I wonder how can I ever forgot to mention that yesterday..
Anyways, nothing much to say actually.. today is just so typically... nothing! ^.^
Anyways.. going out in a bit to the library to try to study for MATHS!! Ayo.. horror-lah!
There's going to be mid-term TOMORROW!! And I really sucked at it.. Wallaweyyyyy!!
Haiyo.. haiyo... something surprising happened today.. But I can't really talk about it...

I'm too young for this lahhh!!


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