Thursday, July 11, 2002

I'm going hoooooooooome!!
What's with the excitement of going home?? I don't know!! Probably 'coz it's just too demm boring in MMU..
Talking to GG right now.. selamberkan sajoss!! Ekkekkeke!
Oh heck! Need to finish my essay for English.. Pretty much cool really. We get to do what ever topic we wanted to..
So what's mine?? IF I'M AN X-MEN CHARACTER.. Akkakakkaka!!
Oh well, need to pack up my stuff and finish up my essay by the time my dad gets here.. Laterr ya!
Dida, get well soon!! Itulaa.. jahat laie ngan orang, kan dah demam! Tuhan marah tau! Ikkikikikiki!!


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