Monday, July 22, 2002

Wokeyy.. just had a boring boring MDF lecture.. about the assigmnent we're gonna have to do.. and about the trip as well.. and we're going to have a meeting at the studio at 5 pm! Ayooo..!
Well.. I'm not really sleepy right now.. Just.. plain.. BORED! Huhhuhuhu!
People in my English group were saying that the public speaking is starting this afternoon!! Yeech! I hate public speaking.. yeahh yeahh I know it's good.. but I can't say that I like it...! That would be such a lie!
Knocked on Aisha's door this morning.. And she said to me "wehh.. aku tak pegi klass lah!" Chit!!
So I went with Juvita, Yaya and Tisha!
Sheya made quite a surprise to most of us.. we thought she was going to UTM and there she was.. sitting a seat away from me.. ekkeke! Asking to keep her presence a secret.. Hahh!! Then she went to Fina, Ana, BJ and Azura and made everyone (except Azura) jumped like mad.. Azura knew that Sheya wasn't going.. and when I passed them Fina were like hitting me 'coz Sheya was sitting near me and I didn't say a thing.. Ehkehehkeh!
Well.. shoulda be doing something else more useful... like doing the points for my PUBLIC SPEAKING!! But crap! It makes me wanna yell!!

I don't know why.. but dreaming's all I do ~ I'd love to cast this feeling away.. if only I know how...


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