Saturday, July 06, 2002

Yes, I'm back in MMU!! ^.^
After a bit of relaxation at home.. I journeyed back over here...
But not before catching a movie! ^.^ I saw The Eye.. A Chinese horror flick!
Pretty scary.. yeahh, I cried. No, not because it's really sad...
Well, honestly.. I don't scream when I get scared.. I cry.. Ikkikiki! So you can say that this film terrified me, that it made me cry!
Ekkekke... anyways, I'll tell you more in my website.. but I haven't updated it yet!
So.. better wait a bit okie!
I did my Graphics website project last Thursday.. Well, I'm done with the layout! Wee~hee!! Oh heck! Now it reminds me of the Graphics test this Monday... CRAP!!


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