Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Loneliness starts to crawl..
Oh please, it's just a line from Celine Dion's song!
Wahh wahh!! It's Wednesday and this is my first post for the week! I'm stunned... Ikkikikiki!!
Well.. it's been a very busy busy busy week.. No other word to describe it. Just plain BUSY!!
Handed in our scrap book today.. hehhe! I had a few problems with Ana's printer so I only managed to get it all done an hour before sending it in!! Hahhahhah!! Seriously last-minute work. Well, I believe that we HAVE to get our sleep no matter how busy we are! ^.^ Sleep is the only time when I don't feel like thinking!.. and it's heaven!! Whenever I'm awake.. I'm always thinking about stuff and even minor ones.. and it's.. disturbing!!
Weird.. I was talking to some guys in class today.. I mean, hmm.. I don't really like talking to unfamiliar guys ~ SERIOUSLY! And I happen to say loads of *demm* today. And Melvin went like.. "Hey! it's not halal for you to say damn".. Ekkekkek!! And Juvita said, "Oh, she even said f*ck this afternoon.." and Melvin went again.. "And it's not halal to say f*ck also".. Aggaggaga!! Whatever~lahh! I guess there are just times that we can't really control what we feel and say.. ^.^
ooOoOoh.. my back aches~lahh!! Too tired I believe.
This week is pretty much boring! Nothing much to say.. but I do like to state in here that I've completed three days of fasting! Yeahh Yeahh!! <-- my style of saying it, okie! Though.. it was a hard job.. I'm reaaaaally craving for McD's sundae... Arrghhh!!
And this afternoon, right after Fundamental.. Aisha, Alitt, Juju and Tisha went to get those yummilicious ice creams and sundaes... Huhhuhuhu!! I was like.. hysterical at the passageway 'coz I was reaaaaaaally jealous of them!!! Waaaa!! And Alitt was like.. keep on popping in front of me and repeated how yummy it was.. and he even did a lil' bit of jig.. Arrghhh!!! I AM SO GOING TO GET MYSELF A SUNDAE WHEN I GET HOME!!!!!!! CORRECTION.. MAKE THAT THREE!!!!!
I think I'll go home tomorrow... Can't stand the kesangapan in this room..
The Fundamental final project is kinda weird.. Hehh.. Can't really tell when I'm going to start.. But I'll start immediately... when I get the idea! Hohhhoho!
OooOoh.. yeah, I do get a handphone from my mama!! Yeahh Yeahh..! So now you can reach me wherever I am! Yeahh Yeahh..! But of course, if you want the number.. you'll need to ask around or ask me for it.. Ekkekke!!
Now.. I'm tired.. I haven't finished my Graphics work.. Sheeya's hijacking my PC while I hijacks hers.. and I'm going to BJ's house later this evening with Sheeya to get their comic covers scanned!! Hahhahha~and I have absolutely no business with that but I'm just bored with the idea staying in this room! Ikkikikkiki! I'll get my work done a bit later~lahh!

Can you get me higher?


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