Thursday, July 18, 2002

Yesterday was.. weird! I was... MYSELF! Ekkekekke!
I was myself.. back in the school days.. shouting around.. talking to every person in the room.. Weeeeeee!! That's h y p e r!!
Now, seriously, I don't know how I got that way, but it was pretty fun! I mean, hmm.. Being able to feel like my real REAL self.. Ikkikiki!
Hanis.. Musz.. riinddddddduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! Rase nak melepet ngan korang sangat sangat. Ade cerita? Ihik! Could be!
But seriously, I miss you guys!!!!!!
Yesterday, for the first time, I talked to Majin! Sheesh! Let's just say that my social skills just upgraded for one day.. Ehheh!
Weeeeeeeeeeeee!! Happily hyper... Even Aisha said she was happy.. ^.^
Owwh... we're going on a trip next week!! To the National Art Gallery.. Yeah, I know.. DUHHH!! Nothing much so special about that..
Especially since we're going there to do an assignment.. We're going to have to write a report on textures.. Chit!
Wokeyy, my template for the website are doing just fine.. ^.^ I'm doing the contents as fast as I possibly can.. Hihhik!
Pretty excited about the new template, though it looked lousy in a way.. Hmm..
But when I get the whole site going, you can also check this journal in my site..
But please don't go now.. it's not up yet! Ehheh! I'll keep you guys posted, wokie!!
Now.. back to the thing that messes up my mind for this couple of days.. WHO SENT ME THAT THING??! Crap!
And.. to the thing that just messes my mind as I turned the Y! M online.. Bob.. TALK TO ME!!
Apsal? Apsal? Apsal? Kalau nak citer, citer lahh ek!

Current song : shhhh... can't tell you guys what's the song! Ekkekkekke!


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