Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Such a tiring day!
Didn't get much sleep.. my whole body aches and I had classes for the whole day..
Didn't get rejected! Yeaay! Gosh, I'm sleepy!!
Urmm.. owe Aisha RM 10! Ikkiki.. later ek!
Funny thing happened in Fundamental.. See, Alitt really didn't want people to get to know him.. Even his name!! And then today, Encik Halim asked his name in front of the class.. Ekkekke!! I was really laughing! ^.^ And heyy!! Finally spoke something to Alitt today.. Ekkekkekke!! Gosh.. ape ke gatal Wanie harini..
I'm tiredd!!!! Went to Putrajaya for dim sum!! ^.^ It was pretty much nice! Thanx Zamri.. thanks Ana.. tq Aisha! For convincing me to go with you guys... Ikkikiki!
Anyways.. I think I better rest for a while and get my shower a bit later after this.. ^.^
Later people!!

Which PPG are you?


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