Sunday, August 15, 2004

another zahid entry

did you know that he's a sagittarian?

wahhahahha!! sagittarian bestt!! i don't care! ekekkekeke!!
zahid was born on december 19th, 1980.
lives in.. keramat, kl if i'm not mistaken.
likes the color orange. (wahh, cam shahnon?? :P)
height: 177cm, and he's the only boy of 4 siblings. (that's what i read, anyways!)
and i just favor this quote from him while he was talking to aznil in imbasan just now,

"ikutkan nak salam semua, tapi tangan zahid ade dua aje. salam pakai kaki tak hormat pulak"

adoiiiilah zahid. :x :x :x


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