Friday, August 20, 2004

jigs.. heavily..happily.. crazilyy!!


never felt this relieved in my entire life!!
though i know i did crappily for my digital audio and video, but heck!!
i'm done at something at least!! wo~hooooo!!!

joli joli mariiiiii!

plans for holiday (at the moment)
1. shop with personal fashion consultant (dida!!)
2. treat family lavish food! wahhahahha!!
3. sleep sleeeeeep!
4. gain weight
5. treat barai something :P ('coz he made me promise)
6. find ways to catch up with old friends

tak sabanyeee esok or ahaaaad!!

wahh.. izrul just add me to his ym! ekkekeke!
ohh alamaaakk!! i remembered this while i was writing today's date on the answer book.. but almost forgot about it just now. :D
Happy Birthday Syafiqqqqq~!!!!!
i wonder if he's still hanging around barai's place. :P

okay.. ngantuk.. but i think i better make myself some food first. :D


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