Saturday, August 14, 2004


head spinning.

so i'm back in cyberia again. supposedly studying for monday's internet application paper.
i am kicking myself for something that shouldn't bother me. especially since i proclaimed that i don't care. but i guess i do. not much, but i do..

i guess i am just sorry that you were born with a small brain under that big head of yours. shouldn't blame you for that, kan? :P

okay. i should rest to be honest 'coz i haven't had the rest that i really need since the last.. 3 days, i think! but typically.. i can never get a rest here. and that's why i just can't wait for august 20th.. my last paper.. and then.. off to homeeee!!!!!

huwaaaaaaahhhh!! tak sabarnyeeeeee!!!
i guess that's the only thing that gets me driven over here. home
or i'd probably already join that group of poets and writers! :))
(am i proclaiming that i'm even near that group?? wahhahahahha!!! perasan.)

Moment In The Sun by Clem Snide

When it's my moment in the sun
Oh, how beautiful I'll be
But in a normal sort of way
Like I am you and you are me

'Cause I have a lot of things to say
And you'd be wise to listen good
I think that hunger, war, and death
are bringin' everybody down

When it's my moment in the sun
I'll share my problems with the world
and pschychosomatically I'll sing
to God and all his pretty girls

When it's my moment in the sun
I won’t forget that I am blessed
but every hero walks alone
thinking of more things to confess

o yahh.. tadi kat umah time tido kejap, i dreamt i was chasing cute, fat hamsters with zahid and his family at his house! wahhahhahaha! yeahh.. ZAHID! gilok!
gud luck, zahid for tonight! heehee!


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