Friday, August 13, 2004

nak dijadikan cerita...

kasihan laa kamu ni labu.
isyk isyk.
hope you're happy, yah? :)

so i'm back here in cyberia after being at home for a measly 15 hours!
crap.. totally crap it was! but it's better than nothing, yes! :)

submitted my portfolio. my heavy portfolio! it's amazing how it got my hand hurt just from carrying it around. heehee. ngade.
humm.. right now, i am suddenly not so sure that i'll be going for bowling tomorrow. not because that i hurt my handddd, tapi sebab entah. many reasons kot! o well, i don't know..

i honestly don't know about so many things and that is what so crappy about my life nowadays. i am simply uncommited to anything.. what so ever.. at all - and i think i know the reasons why.

gotta work things out someday someway.. :)

anyways! tengah takde mood.
sleepy, yet sleepless.
tired, but restless.
and i should study for next week's finals but the thought of it only makes me wanna puke! hahahahah!



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