Sunday, August 15, 2004

trime kaseh pengafundi zahid

zahid wonn!! zahid won the second season of Akademi Fantasia!! this is awesome!!

though i don't agree the second and third placing..
farah and bob should be amongst the list. :)

i like laa that farah!! she's a great girl. ekkeke!! that time about johnny was funny and cute. she really is cute. heehee!

i like her just about as much as i like zahid.
but that's not true...
i like zahid more.. more.. sangat MORE!!!
gosh, nak zahid please!! after all, he's only 23! not that "old", huh?

nak naaaaaaaaaaaaakkkk!!
i want to chase hamsters with zahid at his house!! naaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkk!! :x :x

sleepy now. but i better be sleepless. hohohoho!

liar liar pants on fire. who are you trying to fool now? :)


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