Wednesday, August 11, 2004


tak tenang tak tenaaaannngggg!!!
just watched prisca's dawn of the dead dvd with the other girls.
sangat tak tenang!!

and at 5 this afternoon i had that portfolio review in ID studio.
nerve wrecking. VERY VERY VERY!
i think i was shivering as i was flipping my sketches over. huwaaaahhhhhh!!!
and then they (all ID lecturers; mr khong, mr fariz, mr khairi and mr john) told me to sit down and ask me some.. super easy questions!
huhuuuu.. the questions were easy, but finding the RIGHT answers were hard.
talking to all four of the lecturers were.. eye opening. they made me realize some loads of things. not just study-wise.. they practically mentioned my whole life during that 20minutes period.

which freaks me out!

i guess i've been very...... wrong in my entire life.
and i need to change to save myself from this suspension period.


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