Tuesday, August 10, 2004

heart attack.

stop yapping please.
you don't know me.. you just BARELY knew me. and by the looks of it, you probably won't EVER know me 'coz i am not going to let you.
i think you're an ass. i've been thinking that way for a bit while, actually. should've told you face to face but i couldn't. yeahh.. i'm a coward, i think so too.

you've been SO wrong about me.
and my hands are just shaking to think that i ever admitted you were a friend. i could've punch you, but i wouldn't. yes, that coward part again.

if ever i can erase one thing in my life, you'd be the first one to go.
byebye! byebye! byebye!


bosannye laa hari hari begini.
bosannye laa dikelilingi orang orang perasan. tak tahannn! uwekkkkk!!!

and yahh, ditika ini rase ingin melarikan diri kepada sesape saje yang lalu dihadapan, but itu SELFISH namanye.
haihhh.. BOSANNNNN!!!! nyesal tak ikut si rai ngan syafiq smalam..
grr! *ketuk kepala*


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