Tuesday, August 10, 2004


wish i could enjoy a lie in for some hours more but my eyes just wouldn't compromise.

Listen to yourself. When you talk about your life, does it sound like a bad TV drama? Wait a second -- this is your life, here! Bring yourself up to speed. Then do something about it.

ekkekeke!! klakar ini. so true! :P but to me.. i don't see how i can do anything 'coz i don't even know how i want it to be. well, that's a lie. i know how i want it to be.. but it involves other people and i don't really know how to make people act the way i wanted them to act! ekkekeke! (wouldn't it be nice if we can)

humm.. i think i am having too much thoughts again - which isn't really good.
but i haven't gotten into that mental stage just yet! heehee.

tolong nak duiiitttt!!
trust fund pon tak baya lagi! hohohoho! takut karang takde duit nak makan. huhuuu~ itulaaa.. joli je tau! ekekekeke! *gedebikk!*

this is such a boring entry.. i know.


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