Tuesday, August 03, 2004

you're still you, aa?

arep : wah!!! lupe nak ckp!!
me: apediaaaa
arep : star wars dah umumkan episode 3 nye tajuk!!!
me: ekeke
me: iyekkk??
arep : revenge of the sith!!
me: ekekke
me: sith tu ape?
arep : sith tu jedi yg jahat!!
arep : diorang panggil sith
arep : darkside of the force
me: ohoooo
me: ekekkeke

i honestly couldn't find any person on earth as passionate as this guy about star wars. i know that person exists, tapi arep sajalah yang wanie kenal!

flashes in my eyes! aiyoohhh~!
adehh. ngantuk.


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