Monday, August 02, 2004


1) Do you have a first love?
i like to think that i don't, but i actually do. not love la kot. ultimately like.

2) Are you still with your first love?

3) Do you believe in the phrase: First love never dies??
sometimes. that's a bit sad, isn't it? sweet juge kot. hummph.. i think it's sad because it's sweet.

4) Do you miss your first love?
hummm.. sometimes. (hahhahaha!! o God, hope he'll never find this blog!)

5) Do you think your first love misses you?
ekekke. sometimes maybe. (hahhaha!!)

1) How long does it take for you to move on after?
two years? almost.

2) Did you change a lot after you and your first love broke up?
ekkeke! i tried, but i failed. so, NO, i don't think so. i'm still very immature.

3) Do you think love makes the world go round?
only sometimes.

4) Do you believe in soul mates?

5) Have you met your soul mate?
i hope not!

6) Ideal mate or soul mate?
soul mate.

7) Do you have any regrets from your past relationships?
only a wee bit.

8)What if you and your gf/bf broke up because he/she had a third party, would you go back with him/her?
i should be smart enough to say no.

9) What if you and your gf/bf broke up because YOU were the one who had a third party, but then you realize that you still love your ex, would you go back together?
i wouldn't dare to try. he should be with someone else worthier.

10) What if you're already in a relationship but then you realized that you met someone that you think is more special than your present bf/gf, what will you do?
get to know that other someone as i distant myself a bit from my bf perhaps. things will hurt less when you grow apart, i assume.

11) Would you choose someone you love but that person doesn't love you back, or would you choose someone who loves you but you don't love them back?
hahha!! i'm a real sucker for this one but i am the first one. i like to make myself miserable, i guess.

12) You are in a relationship, and one day you received a call from your first love and he/she tells u that he/she wants to be back together with you?
i.. don't know. i always wonder what could've happen if we didn't end it at the time we ended it, though. i guess this depends on how commited i am to my current person lah kot! but probably i'd say no. the past should be left alone. my past, at least. :)


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