Tuesday, August 03, 2004


i hate.

i have this chatting "friend" that is SO SO SOOO annoying beyond any imagination!! he's like.. SO annoying, i swear if ever i get to see him face to face and he annoys me even outside.. i'd really punch him in the face!!!
i hate sensitive people. IDIOT sensitive people! sensitive people who's always NEEDY! go to hell la bongok!
sia sia jadi laki tongokk!

typically me being ME, i'd say what bothers me and i did tell him how he did, and he gets sensitive and actually PROMISED me not to chat again and yet he still did!! he promised 3 times now!! mak datok, keep your promises la weii!

i'd rather be alone than meddling with people like this. buat nyampah je!!

i'm far off from "nice".


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