Monday, August 09, 2004

nothing compares.

to what?
heehee.. to friends, of course!!

rai and syafiq came to visit!!
klaka btol laa.. even after all these years, you guys still want to laugh at me about things, aaa! tapi takpe.. TENGKIU KORAAAANG for the short visit!!
(though i had to pay for their drinks! :P)
ps: i don't change much laaahhh!! :P and kem salam sendiri kat budak tu!! huhh!
azraaaaaaaaaiiii!! he's not my mamat any longer la youuuuuuuuuuu!!! grr! that nickname macam sangat mengimbau masa lalu laaahhh! and lagi lagi when you mentioned langkawi.. ADOOOOOOOOOOOOIIIII!!!! huwaaaaaaaahhh!! geraaaaaaaaammmmm!!!!

tapi klakanye.. kelab sahabat sekolah. wahhahahahhaha!! just saying it makes me wanna cry!! adeeei. all those faces. i guess what i'm trying to say is that i am missing those school days. :x rindu banget!! i mean, after seeing you guys last saturday and tonight.. haihh~ i really miss those days!
and i wonder if you guys would come over again tomorrow! wahhahahha!! jangan aa suh orang blanje lagiiiii!! tak mampu weihhhhhhh!!! :))

now.. i should push dayat to make some time for me next weekend! heehee.


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