Tuesday, January 06, 2004

4 days without

you're missing..
you're missing..
which leads to

i'm missing..
i'm missing..

there's a 3 suku-kata word that i'm dying to scream
a word that gets me all hyped up for the fact it's just there
a face that i refuse to forget..
but also the face that gets me so confused
so confused..
so confused..

i want to forget how confused i am..
but i want to remember..
your face

always and always..

what... a... depressing... day..!!!
felt like pouring all my heart out about all the things that have happened through out these few days.. but.. hummph! nvm.. i'm just lost in my own thoughts again..

"biarlahh!", "takpelaahh~"

those two have been my most frequently said words for these some days..
depressing, yess...
but.. takpe ajelaaah~

just got back from a night's out with hobbitses.. :D memerengkan diri walaopun sekejap.
been having quite a nice day with those girls.. going to class and crapping about. :) those gurls are SO pervertish!! (and i'm not excluded! hahahhaha!!!) ..baik mengaku daripada orang lain point out, kann.. heehee~!!
today's group meeting was such a looong meeting! spent like 3 hours in hb3 just talking about the storyboard and cameras and stuff.. it was kinda funny at one point when i tried to materialize some shots to them.. heehee!
papa came by today and gave me some money.. (tadi tinggal rm5 aje!!!) and pasta belba made for me.. :x she's the best!! maaannn.. i miss home soooo much!! especially at times like this.. when i feel like falling.. fallling... failing... :|
nak huuuuuuggggg~!!!!!!!!!
staying at prisca's tonight.. it wouldn't matter anything to me.. staying in my room. better i be somewhere with a company all night.. tak ade lah diganggu fikiran bercelaru.. :) (i thank GOD for their existance!!) lil's staying here too!! :x

and it's a full moon outside.....

teringat kat lagu ini..
Buat Aku Tersenyum by Sheila On 7

Datanglah sayang dan biarkan ku berbaring
Di pelukan mu walaupun tuk sejenak
Usaplah dahiku dan kan ku katakan semua

Bila ku lelah tetaplah disini
jangan tinggalkan aku sendiri
Bila ku marah biarkan ku bersandar
jangan kau pergi untuk menghindar

Rasakan resahku dan buat aku tersenyum
Dengan canda tawamu walaupun tuk sekejap
Kerna hanya engkaulah yang sanggup redakan aku

Kerna engkaulah satu satunya untuk ku
dan pastikan kita slalu bersama
Kerna dirimu lah yang sanggup mengerti aku
dalam susah ataupun senang

Dapatkah engkau slalu menjagaku?
Dan mampukan engkau mempertahankan ku?

Bila ku lelah tetaplah disini
jangan tinggalkan aku sendiri
Bila ku marah biarkan ku bersandar
jangan kau pergi untuk menghindar

things are easier to be said than done..
but it gets harder when you can't even say, at all...


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