Tuesday, January 13, 2004

round and round we go

you weren't there when i turn

i must be crazy for that, huh?

heehee~! o well! today was quite neat! been spending time with Prisca and Lily. laughing about just makes me so mereng at times.. heeee~ but today, i seem to have so many energy to throw away lah~ been jumping about.. running around.. laughing 'til i ran out of breath.. heehee~ i thank my two mereng friends for that! :x
funny how yesterday Drogo mentioned of being our "white lighter", and Prisc told him to take more care of her.. (he said "of course", lah kaannn) and Lil wants to be Prue and I wanted to be Phoebe.. (yeah, falling in love with an evil demon who loves me with all his life!) HAHHAHA!! agak macam Charmed ones lah kite..
but as i see it.. i AM charmed.. by all those that surrounds me.. :D
thank you koraaaaaang!!!


okay.. found this site for Unconcious Mutterings where it say ..something.. and i'll think ..something..

  1. Mitchell:: who??
  2. Mercury:: merchant
  3. Cycle:: pms
  4. Engagement:: ring!! (hahhaha!!)
  5. Alternative:: rock
  6. Gang:: mafia
  7. Emotional:: sentimental
  8. Skinny:: dip (hohho!!)
  9. Hypochondriac:: what??
  10. Insecure:: me

okehh! met kak yan and saw shahnon tadi..
that was my day.. itu je..
sekian, time kacehh!


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