Monday, January 05, 2004

s t u p i d

I just simply am..

i don't know if i should be called stubborn or persistant..
if i should stay or leave..
i never knew..

i tried not to feel.. but who am i kidding??
even my friends can see me through..
i have been a glass for a while now..
i wish i was somewhat a crystal..
something precious that gleams even in the slightest light.

but i am just a glass..
unspecial and unpretty
the lights just goes through me..
you may seem to be looking at me,
when the truth might be that you're looking at someone else behind me..
'coz I never knew..

i wanted to believe differently.. so badly..
so badly.. maybe you couldn't see..
maybe you refused to see..

i wanted to believe that you did things for me..
but i am so afraid to believe..
wish i had something smart to say to you..
rather than these stupid things i say.

but i am just a glass..
unspecial and unpretty

break me..

getting to the point where i need you..
the thought and shadows that i adore..


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