Saturday, January 10, 2004

sirap bandung

heehee~ that was my favorite drink when I was little.. (still love it, I think!) when I was at school, I was crazy for plain sirap.. even kacau kacau people on the phone by that name (when they ask for a name, I told them that my name was sirap! heehee~) Anywaysss!! the point is, Belba prepared me some food for me to bring and along with it is a full flask of sirap bandung!! weeeeeeeeee~!! :x
my friday and well.. today's afternoon wasn't so fun.. Izzati had a bit of fever since she had another shot some days ago. got better by today though.. but dia banyak melalak!! and I can't help but to melalak with her.. AHHAHAHAH!! spent most of my time sleeping.. which was good.. but I wish I had something else better to do! :-S
my results from last sem just got in.. and the words that came from Papa was, "wanie.. waniee.." adohh~! I was hiding my face under the comforter at that time.. when I shove it away, papa wasn't looking at me.. he was minding his own business.. and just now when he sent me here, he said, "put in more effort, okay" mmhmm~ I wish I can give you my word.. I'll try... HAHHAHA!! (oops!) Papa should NOT read this or he'll be sooooooo furious.. huhuuu~
A song is stuck in my head, but I don't know what..

Felt somewhat losing my head, but not really!
Seems like I don't know what I want, but not really!
Maybe I'm just nervous, but not really!
Could be I'm more to excited, but not really!
What's real is that.. I know what I like
(or who if it matters..!) (of course it does!! HAHHAHA!)
I wonder.. :x
He makes me wonder.. everyday.. :p

gelak gelak.. prisca has a new nickname for him everyday! suka atiiii aje.. :p
ohh! staying at prisc's tonight.. maybe tomorrow night also since we're going out tomorrow.. :D

tomorrow should be a productive day.. (fingers crossed!)


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