Wednesday, January 14, 2004

my.. friends.. are totally... bonkers!!

they are crazy!
they really are!!
crazy crazy crazy!
Prisca and Lily are crazy!
the two carries crazy heads..
.. and yucky too!

had a yucky conference with the two.. (don't know how we got a real fond of conferences these days!) but it was fun all the same. imaginations running wild, yaa?? HAHHAHA!! berus dawai.. that's really something, Prisc! :p me and Lily really didn't smuggle it into the toilet, okie slutty! ekkeke!! :))
okay.. been having a certain craze of folding up stars from papers.. heehee~! certain project for something.. heehee~ 8-}

somehow i wish the time would fly.. but not really!
'coz i really like the way it is right now..
hugs for those that makes my world just as it is!!!


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