Friday, January 02, 2004

Tercabut kaki~!!

What a daaayyy!! Such a long looong tiring day.. but it was a BLAST!!! Maybe 'coz I was with my two good buddies.. :D
Let see... went out at somewhere around 11:40 am, with Drogo drove us off to the ERL station.


there was supposed to be Lily, Prisca, Rosie-P and myself but RP couldn't make it since she got up so late! i kept bobbing my head in the train 'coz of the no-sleep stunt! hohoho! gelakkan diri sendiri 'coz i know i looked stupid with my head bobbing to the front.. (later settled on Prisca's shoulder.. heehee!)
so anyways! when we got to Central, we decided to have brunch at McD.. ordered Happy Meal!! decided to collect those alphabets.. hopefully I get to spell a name with those small alphabet bears.. heehee..
after meal, we got onto a commuter and stopped in Bank Negara station. so from Sogo we walked off around KL.. pusing pusing on foot which happened to be quite fun!! :D ought to do that again sometime later when we have more time to lose.. :D anyways! we end up in Pak Tai at somewhere around 5.. that was like.. 4 hours of walking around in KL..? hohoho! funnn!!
after sending our films for developing, we hop onto a taxi from pudu (it was raining then..) and headed towards Low Yat Plaza. Prisca was meeting up Drogo there and Lily's going back home with her brother picking her up from there.. while waiting we hung around Coffee Beans.. (there was no Starbucks in Low Yat!!) o yeahh.. how can i forgot?!! we were quite crazy while walking around.. me and the girls kept doing silly acts while footing.. ekkeke! singing stupid songs.. for an instance, while going into Low Yat, i joined Prisc sang her Low Yat song.. "Low Yat lo~~ ii ching wai" ? entah ape ntah the lines.. but as I kept repeating "Low Yat lo.. Low Yat lo..~" Prisc added, "marilah ke Low Yaat~" ekkeke! it was stupid, really! and we were actually crossing the road at that time, and the guys in front of us turned and was like laughing lahhh!! hohohoho! then me and Prisc walked real fast inside.. huhuu~ terase tak seda ade orang yang boleh denga, sedangkan nyanyi memang agak kuat! HAHHAHAH!!
anyways!! then Drogo finally arrived and me and Prisc left our stuff in his car.. Lily left with her brothers.. and since Drogo were staying with his friends in Low Yat, me and Prisc decided to go back cyberjaya by ourselves.
so started our 'adventure'! hohohoho! got onto the monorail.. (for our first time!!) then Papa called while I was in it.. and Papa said.. "ooOoO.. Papa tak penah naik monorail ngan erl..." hehhe! so i promised him to get onto it with him one day... heehee~! so anyways!! Sampai kat Central, walked some bits and got onto the erl train.. that was.. 8 o'clock! konon nak balek awal, kaann.. but end up getting to cyberjaya at 10!! HAHAHHA!! why?? sebab we didn't get off the train!! so we stayed on the train as it travelled from Central to KLIA.. KLIA to Central.. and Central to Putrajaya/Cyberjaya! HAHAHHA!! Then we got onto the bus that took us to MMU/Cyberia.. :)

It was fun... Prisca is a lot of fun.. :)
[ this was typed out at 10:39 pm of January 4th ]


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