Wednesday, January 28, 2004

words of hollow..

words of hollow,
floats to tell my sorrow..
into a large void in the sky.
i wish i knew what you meant,
with the words that you've spoke,
and the lines that you wrote..
are you trying to tell me something?
for i cannot see what you've shown me,
and i am still blind..
when it comes to you..
every time it comes to you...

heyy people!!
i guess plenty have been going on in the holidays.
right now i'm at my belladonna's office in pwtc.. membuang masa until lunchtime, when i'll get back home.
been spending my days in seremban to hel help belba took care of izzati since last saturday. it was okay, considering the horrible weather. (too hot for me!!)
missing the hobbits.. and maybe some others as well. but i shouldn't talk about that. my head is just too cramped with thoughts right now. just realized something on something and it made me wonder real bad, wether whether i should smike smile about it.. or just frown a lil bit more.. adehh~ peninnnng!!!
but things are pretty okay, really..!
might be going back cyberjaya tomorrow to get a start on animation and essay. looking forward to the essay, don't know why! wish i am feeling the same for the animation!!

sape leh buatkan animation untuk wanieeeeeeee???
nanti wanie buatkan essay!!!
sape volunteer?????

i wish i have a real buddy that can i can exchange assignments with! like i did with ana in the first trimester. ekkeke!! kantoi di situ! :p
o well.. that's all for now. maybe later when i'm feeling like it, i'll write more.

ps: urrghhh! help me understand!! tiba tiba terasa bodo bahasa inggeris.. adeiiii~



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