Friday, January 16, 2004

should you be sorry for me..?

things are just unexplainable somehow...

I'm sinking down
I feel like I could die
I'm fallin' off I don't know why

today I don't know why
I thought that it was real
but I guess it's no big deal

I don't know how
I don't know how
I don't know how to let it slide...

~* taken from Another Perfect Day by American Hi-fi

kenape nieeeeee???!!!
nothing has happened and my heart keeps telling me words that i don't want to hear.. maybe that's just it..
nothing has happened..
well.. surely some things happened!!
but i guess those things doesn't concerned with me.

yadda yadda yaddaaa~
my heart seems out of touch somehow. felt like something is wrong.. somewhere. agak numb sometimes. penat kot! or everything is just boring.
nak balek..
nak balek..!

incubus coming to malaysiaaa???
rase excited somehow. walaopon takdelah minat sangat kat diorang.. tapi cam best!! :) surely juvita and shery is all hyped about it! hehhee! brandon boyd's coming to town!!

okaay.. dalam perjalanan shutting my heart and head altogether..
maybe trying to get a short nap.

update: 4:17 pm.. chematto wasn't around for the re-re-submission. erwin commented some things 'coz there's this part on my photo that actually needs 'burning' but i was too tired to care in the morning! hummph! again, i took some time talking to the lecturers macam anak kecil. zul asked what aperture did i use, i said the largest - i think! and i looked at erwin and he shook his head, saying that he's not going to masuk campur. hee~ ('coz i DID looked at him as if i was asking for an approval) linda did the same too~ heehee~ konon cam mesra laa dengan lecturers sumer.. bluergthh!!
i'm really tired..


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