Saturday, January 31, 2004

grey sky morning..?

it's been two days, i wake up to vertical horizon's best i ever had.
i wonder..
my mp3s were playing all night.. but i kept waking up to the same song.
the weather's fine outside anyways.. :)
the sky is blue..
but grey clouds seems to be floating closer.
gosh, i love the sky whether it's day or night!!!!

will be added later~!

ehhh!! media history is not due until february 16th!!! that'll be the day for us to submit our second draft.. the real essay is due on march 1st!!!
adehh~ this means just one thing.
i HAVE to work on maya... :((
Ya Allah, i need Your help to keep me determined to complete this task!
yess, i really need His help.. :)

o heck! i feel like tarot reading for a while.. ekkeke!!
kadang kadang i wonder what i'm doing.. sometimes i feel so out of touch. tak ske nyeee!
minat menda menda merepek!
minat menda menda merepek!!
tarot.. astrology.. orang merepek? HAHHAHAHA!!
b-( bongok la wanie nie!

happy belated birthday orlando bloom!!! :x
hehhe.. terlambat gile! january 13th!! bole lak terlupa..
and today's actually someone's birthday as well! so,
happy birthday justin timberlake!!
hahhaha!! i feel like a silly tween-aged girl for remembering celebrities' (spelling?) birthdates! :p

unconcious mutterings
  1. Political:: bores so badly..
  2. Concentration:: is so hard!
  3. Fish:: steamed
  4. Lunacy:: crazy?
  5. Red:: heart
  6. Imply:: english is getting worse! i can't recall what's the meaning of this one!
  7. Recognize:: a face
  8. Sexist:: sexy rosie! hahahhaha!!
  9. Commercial:: reward your curiosity.. hehh!
  10. Stricken:: chicken (it just rhymes!)
dahlaa! merepek aje.. bosan betul!!
will be going back home today.. esok gi seremban laie, mama nak visit sana lak.

[ finished on 12:12pm ]


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