Thursday, January 15, 2004

m e n y a m p a h & b o s a n

jealousy makes me stupid

sekali lagi word itu menjadi favorite untuk bibir ni ucapkan.. huhuu~
"biarlaah~" konon!
sebenanye susah bena nak biarkan!!!
memang sekadar di bibir..

insecurity makes me lame

what the heck is running through my mind??? sungguh tak patut rasa begini.. especially when there's nothing..

banyak kejeeee!!
and i'm having a mood!!
i hate this!
i hate what i see
i hate what i was told
i hate
i hate
i hate !!!!!!

and i'm acting stupid again......
udah udah laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
grrRrrrrRr (marah kat diri sendiri!)

i have work to do! just got back from drogo's place.. spent hours in his room with prisca.. rekod lagu..!! and now i should go to shery's room and finish up our storyboard for tomorrow's presentation..
note: 4:40 am, turns out that they didn't need me for the storyboard, but the treatment! huhuu~ asyik ubah ajee.. :p good thing i'm loving this one!

lame-o lame-o
i should stop yapping


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