Thursday, January 01, 2004

mabok mabok mabok

mabok cintaaa~!!!! hik~*
Just got back from celebrating the new year's eve with hobbitses; Lily, Prisca and Drogo. :D I was wrong about not enjoying myself.. turns out that it was a cool outing after all!! :x
Let see.. after recording our first demo, we all went back to our rooms and changed into something more... err.. festive? ekkeke!! We all looked rather typical, really.. :p
buying a balloon!!At 6:15 (maybe..) we left Cyberjaya and headed towards Bukit Bintang. Had an early dinner at Nasi Ayam Hainan :x and then walked around around around..! lily's balloon.. floated away! ekekke!!Lil, Prisc and myself got ourselves a balloon and yes, we walked around town with balloons in our hands.. except for Lily though!! Coz her's somehow got untied and flew off to Lot 10's roof!! ekkekeke!! Gara-gara seronok sangat jumpe Aine.. her sisters and also Fananana.. ekkeke!! Fananana said that I was cute!! HAHHAHA!! Kelakar... macam orang tak tahu aje.. HOHOHO!! (menyampah tak menyampah taak??) ekkekeke! :p
Walked again and found a spot to hung about at somewhere around 9:30. Waiting for midnight was pretty much a torture.. Yeah, so I did saw some err.. nice-looking guys around but they were there just to be looked at ajelah! :D Kinda kelakar remembering this one guy that I had an eye-contact with. hohohoho!! Rase cam lawa lak tetiba.. ekkekek!! But entah entah dia pandang sebab I looked weird!!! HAHAHHA!! (biol~)
kinda like this pic lahh

Okay, other than Fananana.. we also saw Ana Besa, Sherry, Zam, Aban, Achot, Nana and some chinese peeps we were familiar with from MMU. heehee~ Errr.. most of the ones we saw was carrying a camera.. terase terok!! They were holding to their cameras while we were holding some balloons.. ekkeke!!
Ohh! Also saw kak Hana Isfahani, Belladonna's good friend from UKM! (kantoi~!) She stopped me right in the middle of a crossing and said, "Wanie?" ekkeke!! adehh~ I wonder if she'd tell Belladonna that she saw me.. ekkeke!!

fireworksss!While waiting for midnight, we took some silly pictures as we picnic-ed.. Really, waiting for 12 o'clock was soooo dull!! But counting down was pretty neat!! Rase cam party-people lak somehow.. but come on!! This was really my first time celebrating new year's with my friends.. heehee! :x Thanks koraaaaaanngg!! :x
After watching the 8 minutes show of fireworks, we waited a while before leaving.. (to avoid those pervertish hands!) And as we started walking, we could see all those stupid old smelly rempits at every corner of BB. bluerghhh~ They ought to be terminated lahh!! Busukk basi sungguh!! :-& Most of them were acting like sakais! hyuckk~
poor car, got vandalised with those party sprayss!

Afterwards we went to Hartamas for a drink... ahaa.. drink! :p Watched some people got drunk like crazy.. with puke at some corners.. hyuckk~! So this is Malaysian people at new year's! They're mostly horrible and somewhat losers laa I think.. Tak reti minom tu jangan laa minommm!! Ade tu tertido tido kat jalan.. Boncit btol! But hanging out there was kinda nice.. :)) Got a lil' bit weng.. The guy at the shop was friendly! Sukaaaa~! He'd smile everytime he cathes your eyes.. bagus sungguh! :)
Ohh! Tersempak pula dengan my old school friends.. Ajim and Alip!! HAHHAHA!! (kantoi laie~) Terlupa name Alip tadi.. somehow nak tersebut 'Alitt' 'coz I know his name started with "A".. hadohh~ Kesian diaa.. heehee! Nice catching up to those guysss!! WAAAAHH~!! Ajim seemed to be putting a bit weight lah! ekkeke! Rase kelakar pula~
Anyways! Left Hartamas at somewhere around 4, I think.. :) Gone back MMU with a full-bladder.. Really felt like exploding!! HAHHAHA!! Had to run over to the toilet after putting down all my stuff in my room.. :))
Thanks you three!! Had a fun night laah!! :x Terlepas kepingin si Bahijah sheesha ekk! ekkekee! :p
Sleepy.. I think I can sleep now. After all it's already almost 6!

Guess I'll be sleeping my day through.. :D


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