Thursday, January 29, 2004

mari menyanyi, mehh~

i tried to cut down most of the songs.. but i just can't!!!
aktiviti ini telah dicilok from shahnon's blog.
(was bored.. and this is quite a good activity to kill some time! :D)

start 6:17pm

Song that makes you happy:
standfast - morning charm
(can't think of anything else, sbb i'm happy whenever i hear all my fave songs!)

Song that makes you sad:
american hi-fi - another perfect day
vertical horizon - best i ever had
radiohead - creep
save ferris - let me in
saliva - rest in pieces
3 doors down - here without you
forty foot echo - save me
westlife - if your heart's not in it
(pendek kata.. most songs yang tak mencerminkan sebarang hope. heehee~)

Song that makes you feel dreamy:
foo fighters - walking after you
the corrs - all the love in the world
vanessa carlton - a thousand miles
lifehouse - everything
(the list should be long.. but banyak sangat pon, sape larat bace? heehee~)

Song that makes you sleepy:
most of norah jones and alicia keys
(sorry prisc, i know you love them..)

Song that makes you want to dance:
nivea - don't mess with my man
atomic kittens - the tide is high

Song that makes you want to close your ears:
the used - choke me

Song that makes you think of that special someone:
stacie orrico - i promise
leigh nash - need to be next to you
lifehouse - hanging by a moment
(eh chupp!! sejak bile lak wanie ade 'special someone'?? hahhaha!!!)

Song that makes you feel relaxed:
john mayer - back to you
lifehouse - breathing
sheila on 7 - tunjuk satu bintang

Song that makes you feel inspired:
stacie orrico - more to life
evanescence - imaginary

Song that makes you want to sing along:
weezer - i just threw out the love of my dreams
cokelat - teman saja
a*teens - halfway around the world

end 6:47 pm


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