Monday, March 15, 2004

amused myself... (yet again!)

ahhahahahah ahhahahahha ahhahahahhahahah ahahhahahahahhahah ahhahahahhahahahahha hahahahahhahahahhah ahhahahahhahaha hahahahhaha ahhahahahhahah ahhahahahahhaha hahahhahah ahahahhahahhaha hahahhaha!!!!!

amek kau!

*tuk* to myself as well... :-S

i'm not talking.. if you noticed..
majuk [-( majuk!

lily: hahahaha
lily: mmg degil

ekekkekekekekke!! so i laugh at myself yet again.. *tuk*
i must have at least laughed twice on my walk.. gosh, why did God made me to be this person who can easily amuse herself?? macam gila juga laa.. :))
but all is fine.. 'aight? :D :D

i just lost one reasoning in my head..
everything seem to look very.. normal now. :)

lily's sexuality ought to be questioned, now. hahhahahahhahahahahhahah!! :))

now, BEHOLD!!!

you remember this photo i posted some months (?) ago? now i own it!!! HAHAHHAHAHHAA!! (brag!) mine is orange, though.. i find it disturbingly annoying how i keep picking RED for everything b-(
no credits to shahnon (though he adores orange for soooo long!) 'coz i like orange now on my own! hahahhahahahhaha!! :p
now, i am taking care of this preciousss (thanks ninaaaa!!!) so don't you EVER think of stepping on it or there'll be stars up on your face! X( (the sole of the shoe are star-decorated)

had fun with myself..
and now...
i should get to the toilet or i'll wet my pants! hahahhahahahahhahahahahhahha!!
banyak sangat minum lah today! :))

o, what life!

should make myself busy.. SHOULD!! hahahahhahah!!
jelesnye ngan bebudak UiTM.. musz, arep.. sheeya! nak cuti jugaaaaaaaaaaaaaakk!!!!!!


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