Wednesday, March 31, 2004

me airhead

me like drew very much
me finish watch charmed.
me like drew very much!

this one part, drew was happy,
he raised his hand..
and i saw his tummy!

and this one part.
you think he's already cute as he is,
but then he makes sad/sympathetic face..
wahhh i am so amazed!!
(he's even cuter!)

me like drew very much.
makes me angau so bad..
cannot stop cannot stop!
me want me waaaanntt!!

and you should listen the way he talked.
very soft spoken
like a gooood boi
me like me liiiiikkee!!

where can i find someone like drew?
if lily and prisca wants to set me up..
please set me up with drew!!
me liiiiike!!!

ps: by writing this out.. my IQ just dropped 15 points.


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