Monday, March 22, 2004


spent the most exciting.. and tiring day with dear dida! :x
don't know why but i feel like smiling whenever i think about it. heehee..
busy busy pit-people

thank you ms. cindyyyy~!!
F1!!!! me and dida spent our day at the track watching those fast cars racing by. honestly, it was a bit boring since we don't really know what's happening at the other sides of the track (like ralf's flaming car.. which nina told me when i saw her yesterday! hahahhaha!!) but we had the excitement. you get a lot more action by watching the telly, but if you want the excitement.. go to the track!!!!! heehee!
and what's best.. schumy (michael) won the race!!! woohoo~!! all the sun and sweat paid off after all! hahhahahah!! it's a shame that the rain doesn't continue on for the whole of the race.. or we would've seen some accidents and that'd be fantastic!!! hahahahhahah!! action-wise lah. :D

shah alam - subang - sepang - nilai - seremban
five locations in whole one day. :D :D left the house after nina dida and papa menjalankan tanggungjawab mereka.. hahahhaha!! it was like.. 10:30 i think. then stopped by at toys r us in subang coz nina and jasmin (okaylahh.. ABG min) wanted to see some stuff.. and i was like playing around lahh!! ekekekke! :x can someone please get me those collectible carebears??!! heehee~ and there was also stuff from my little pony!! wahh!! sangat sukaaaaaaaaa!!! i can still hum their song, if you must know. ekkekeke!!
anyways!! then to f1 lahh!! :D :x
and after it ended, i went to nina's home in seremban as dida goes straight to shah alam. (sian dida... she must be very tired for work, today!) played around with izzati.. :x
"izzati izzatiiii~ bila nak giggle untuk cik wanie nieeeee!!" *cubit pipi* *jentik pampers* *izzati smiles*
grrRrrrrRrrR.. geram btol tengok itu budak kici.. NAK BABYYYYY!!!!
ekkekekekek!! i know i know.. when the time comes, okehh! :| (by the way, izzati had her first giggle last tuesday and i wasn't around to hear it!!! :()
that's why i've been trying to make her giggle whenever i see her! :x

okehhh!! should've gone back here last saturday but i stayed at home instead! hahahhaha!! now i REALLY need to start on my work!


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