Saturday, March 27, 2004

(sorry,) my funny friend(s) and me.

dedicated to a dear friend:

when i said that "you were the one who understands me"
we laughed..
but somewhere inside me, i do feel like it.
seems like you're the one i talk to most of the time, at least.
i don't know how that happens, but i thank life for making it happen.
so glad that you've been around when i need you around.
hope that i've been around when you need me around!
don't worry too much about me, ya?
or i'd think of the past year as a real waste. (when i haven't truly feel like so)
i do need to open up my eyes, and i do feel like it's already open.. but nothing has really catch my sight as this enormous, cool structure that is blocking my view at the moment.
(ekkekeke!! can't believe i just did that!)

if i seem to be depressed all of a sudden, just pinch me hard.. or tell me to quit it, okay! :D i'll try my best to listen! hehhehe..
big hug for youuu!!!

a conversation i had with another dear friend;

gurl: i did add in some bits
me: hahahha
me: you laa
me: i didn't talk bad
gurl: who knows.. maybe that ticks him off
me: ekkekeke
me: if even that ticks him off
me: then truly he's stupid

and i'm stealing these lines from lily:

kenape dengkiiiii??
cinta tak berbalas?
cinta yang dirampas??

:)) hahhahahahha!!

yeahh.. and we'll be kept to wonder this to ourselves.. :-S

guess who we're talking about! *winks*


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