Monday, March 08, 2004


toloooonglah kepalaaa!!
must be the bump i had while in perak.. :-S

if you see down there, the part where my specialty is, you should believe those 'coz i haven't yet been able to remember a week i am without a cut or a bruise.
currently i have two! hahhahahhahahaha!! tapak kaki and forehead.

[8:31 pm]

i've come to accept the fact that i've been hoping too much for things to come out right
been wishing too hard

have been looking up to the stars too much
if only i can blame the moon for shining so bright among the dark clouds
if only i can blame the stars for twinkling in the midnight sky
i must be stupid for believing that i can reach for the stars
believing that a shooting star would fall right into these small hands.

should i blame you for giving me light when it was dark?
could i blame you for giving me directions when i was lost?
would i blame you for being there when i wanted to see you there?

i wish to see a single star in the night sky everytime i look up
so i can wish for you
..that you will always be around
for me.

will you be here for me if i ask you to?
would you be here with me if i want you to?
but i don't know how to get what i want
don't know what i exactly want.

i feel like i should chase you away.
away and far from me.
seems like it's only you that i've been talking about
my head doesn't want it,
but it just came naturally to my lips.
but can i?
can i chase you away?

heart o heart, why do you keep calling for this name?

no i don't want to drown you out
for the thoughts of you have made me happy for many days
it is me that i want to drown out
in the deep sea water where i can't get back up.

would you start if you could?
..'coz i wouldn't.
i am feeling scared
and it is beyond your imagination.


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