Sunday, March 14, 2004

o, what life~!


ignore my last post.. i don't feel that way any longer. :D
not sure if i'm just forgiving.. but i think i am mostly forgetful! :D

and i had lots of things to tell before, but somehow i don't feel like telling them any longer.
thanks dear rosie for spending the rest of the afternoon with me.
you just made my mood sooo much lighter.
i thank God for bumping me into you in this life, and i'm sooo very sorry for all the wrong doings i had ever done to you. you're a much much nicer sagittarian than i am.. :D

lighter mood.
hope this will last.. really like this kind of feeling! :D

loving this pic from Seoul Bulgogi

thanks for the pic, dear lily! :D

no thanks to dar for getting me addicted to Hoobastanks's The Reason :)) :p
liking this sooong!! :x

gotta make myself busy now!!
no more hanky panky, ya wanie oit!


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