Wednesday, March 31, 2004


okay, prisca said this thing is easy so i'm up for a test drive..

test! :D

okaaaaay.. i don't think it has been a very productive day as i spent it away sleeeeeeping and watching charmed with kak mai! ekekkeke! ske ati je kak mai ni nak tengok cite. :p

an old friend miscalled me today and just now i found out that he wrote me a testimonial on friendster! and then.. i went to his page and i think he's got a new girlfriend.. ahahh! i think i should call him one of these days.. :)) arep, you punk!! ekekkekekeke!

okay, haven't studied a single line for tomorrow's paper.. (typical!) so i better get worried soon. but maaan it's sooo darn hot around here! :( this is such a horrible day to work!! i made a list of to-do's for today, and there's like, NINE things on that list and how many things did i managed? TWO!! a measly freakin' TWO!! this is such an unproductive day.. but heyy! i just found another mole around my shoulder, how 'bout that?

better start doing.. something!


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