Thursday, March 18, 2004

you are like sooooo... urghhhh!! *speechless*

She will listen if she respect you.

and how am i supposed to listen when no one says anything? bluerthhhhh~!!!!

(okay, i just spent minutes typing and backspacing some lines..)

the people i respect usually don't say anything. i know i am smart enough to know what's wrong and what's right.. but sometimes i really want to hear how they feel when i did something that is not to their liking. it's weird come to think about it.. mama and papa barely stopped me from doing anything. neither does nina and dida. people just expect me to make the right choice..
what if someday i just get tired of making my own choices??
(in a critical condition as i am actually thinking of a hundred ways to get myself into real trouble..)

had quite a good time with hobbitses, by the way! :) spent the night in hartamas dining, talking and yeah, had shisha. mereng some bits, (but rosie was a lil bit more! :p) but due to a few circumstances at this moment, i wish i had a bottle of shisha of my own for me to hit my head with.
but anywayss!! heard lily, prisca and drogo's experience of incubus' show last night. sounded fun but i really don't feel all that.. rugi (can't think of the english word for it!) but i did get a lil' bit jealous listening to prisca's story of brandon boyd! hahahhahaha!! she said that he messed his guitar-playing for some times, and before hand he already mentioned that he wasn't good at playing and singing at the same time. ekekkeke! musti kiut! :x
haaah~ rugi di situ. b-( :))

and prisca got herself excited over enrique iglesias (spelling?) now. he's coming on the 31st. i think it'd be funn!! i am imagining myself.. having a huge laugh making up those lyrics to his song that i never knew of! :))
bailamosss~ nannananannanananananaaa~ tequiero~ blabblaablaa~
or maybe..
bruubruublaablaa naanaa doo dooo.. hero~!
hahhahahahhaha!!! (cracking myself up)

o yeah, practically we spent like... 3 hours sitting around there. :) what a view, ya lily?? there's some nice-looking guys over uncle don's. hahhahahha! :x pity that they all seemed short! (lucky you, lily!! :p) and one guy kinda reminds me of azarul! hahhahahahhaha!! bole lak. our (me and lily) favorite was this one guy who helped out to change the charcoal. ehh, i just notice.. lily, that guy rupa melayu lahh!! what happen to your pretty boys aaa? ekekkekeke :p

ohh, earlier tonight i had a chat with dear hanis :x hanis hanis hanissssssssss!!!! :x she's doing fine over there in niponn! though she's having some difficulty finding a house. :) so proud of her.. VERY VERY!! she managed to get tokodai university after all!! aaah~ that smart punk! :x so proud!!! she succeeded with this other girl and one boy. aaahh~ smart punks they are! :)) maannn, i am missing this lady terribly at this moment.
she'd listen to my every single detail no matter how many times i've repeated it before! hahhahahah!! and i know she was bored the whole time, but i tell it again anyways!! hahahhahahaha!! a shame that she won't be here with the people that truly loves her on her bithday this coming april..
hanis hanis hanisssss!!!! no one can replace youuuu!! and i don't want anyone to! :x rindunyerrhhhhhhhh!!!!!
*scream hysterically.... VERY hysterical*

should go to sleep now. i should wake up early tomorrow (today!) morn to get our posters printed. and i need to do this simple task hanis gave me :)
and i also need to clear out this silly crankiness.

you.. it's always you.. it's always you~ (somehow)


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