Thursday, March 11, 2004

arses.. that's what you guys are!

just passing on the torch from dear lily.

horrible horrible people i get with!
arses in fact!
arses that talk, arses that thinks they're better, stupid stupid arses that crap about!! X(
actually i am mostly pissed with one particular arse.. but somehow i am starting to diss about the other arses as well.

i feel a bit light-hearted now.. i just imagined a real arse walking and talking bad about me.
haihh~ wish i could just kick it.

it cannot be helped.. arses.. will always be...... arses.

funny.. i feel bad for wondering to myself if i really didn't do my job.
but i did what i was told..
and now, when i ask if there's anything more i can help, you guys just brushed me off.
what's up with that, a*hole??!!
is it us that didn't do our job, or you who didn't give us any room to do any job??

urghhh!! i feel like cursing a lil' bit more, but i think i've already conveyed my points.

marahnyeee :(
life is so unfair. and people are so judgemental even when they don't know the whole story.
not saying i am telling the right one, in fact i ask you to find the complete story! and if you find me and my small group of friends are the guilty one, only then we deserve this punishment.

and to that particular arse....
the only reason we let you speak before is so that the job can still be done, tau!!
kalo nak cari gado, anytime laa.. just tell me when!
i don't need people like you to be associated with me.. at all!





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