Wednesday, March 03, 2004


okay.. so this wasn't on our video clip but i HAVE to let some things out.
commuter accident
SEREMBAN: A south-bound commuter train rammed into another stationary commuter train Tuesday evening, injuring 42 people, seven of them seriously.
Thousands of passengers, on the evening rush home here, were stranded following the 6.15pm collision.
The collision affected inter-city train services heading to Singapore and the East coast.
The trains, heading to Seremban from Rawang, collided just before a tunnel leading to the KTM station here.
They were carrying some 600 passengers at the time, most of them heading home after work. more from the star..

nina was on that train.. and if some of you already knew how i really feel about my brother in law..... urgghhhh!!! if anything happens to my dear sister, i believe i am CAPABLE of strangling him to DEATH!!! i know it's not fair since the collision doesn't concern jasmin at all but i feel the need to blame someone and i'll blame HIM if nina even got a scratch!!!
thank God, He still loves her.. (and loves jasmin as well, apparently or he'll sure be dead by now..) and she came out unharmed though she was sitting at the last gerabak (sorry, don't know what's the english word!)
hahhhh.. thank God!!!!!!!!! i swear, i'd hate to get any smses like mama gave me last night ever again. tolonglaaaaah! :-S

anyways, yesterday/this early morning was our last day of shooting (most probably!) i didn't do anything much.. played around most of the time.. sorry korang! i know i wasn't much of a help. not sure why.. was i too tired or sleepy? or was i just simply lazy? humm~ i'm not quite sure.
but yesterday's location was neat! though a bit costly on the budget.. :D tapi takpe.. the sleep was okay, kan? :D
let's get serious for a minute
this was on a part of our set.. :D

pakar bombom
drogo was inspecting the toilet.. ekkekek!! pakar bombom kite.. ekkeke!!

loving this photo sooooooo much!!!! looks like a cover of a girlband's album, don't you think? :D

some days ago nina said this to me, "waaah~ tudung wanie transparent ye!" huhuuu~
macam dah lupa.. seb baik wanie pakai tudung bukan untuk nazar or as a promise. (kalau ye, berdosanye sayee~)

now fingers are crossed that the editing will be as great as the shots we have!! :x
ganbatte ne ayako san!! :D

sleepy.. and yet a bit sleepless.. still.


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