Monday, March 29, 2004

the difference between those who have real friends, and those who don't.

not gonna elaborate more on that.. figure it out by yourself.
but i am sooo luckyyyy!!! :x

it felt as if i was attacked by extra-terrestrials (spelling?)
by ana
"ohh, why is this happening to meee??" (ahhahahaha!!)

and then, without even asking for help.. my friends (surprisingly, 8 of them!) come along to help me out!
by bahijah
"who's this person anyways??"

and saves the day!
by bahijah
"whatchaaa!!" (matrix pose! ekkekee!)

thanks guys!!
by wanie
"great job, everyone! you guys are the best!" ekkekeke

and now everyone can laugh about and things gets back to normal!
by ana
"dance, anyone?" heeheee

group huggg!!
by asha
ekekke! a creepy/psycopathic yago done by prisca!

hahhahahhahaha!! hope you guys had fun with the yago pictorial. can't believe our works can actually make a good story! ekkekekekek! :))

i am actually having the most boring night.. well, maybe considering that i've spent the last two nights outside! ekkekeke!! i am super sleepy today.. woke up at 12 afternoon, got back to sleep at 5, woke up around 8. my mind is sooo not working as properly as it could today. :-S

i could actually pinch lily for two reasons right now. one, for introducing me to this neat thing to do with our extra mounting boards. two, for giving my number to strangers who actually wanted to get to know her! hahhahahah!! so i had three phonecalls today and i refused to pick up one of them by drowning out the ring with my pillow. hahhahahahha!!
sorry hobbitses, i know you guys want me to meet new people.. but sofie bugged my sleep! hahhahaha!
poor guy.. and i don't even remember any of those guys' faces.. :))
lily, buy a new phone quick!! this is your chance too, you know! :p

14 hours left for the first paper of my beta finals. :D
and i am sleeeeeepy!!
and i haven't done any animation yet.. :)) *tuk*
thank you for listening out to my ramblings.. :D :-* b-(


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