Thursday, September 04, 2008

*grins like a dork*

Matchbook Romance - Monsters

Okay, there's something about this song that just appeals to me.. psychologically even. hahaha!
(yes, I actually do feel like a monster sometimes. I hardly deserve half of the things I have. I'm incredibly lucky despite all the constant complaining and whinging.)

I am the monster underneath your bed,
believe what you read..

I swear.. how can anyone fall for me still boggles my mind. sigh.
Anyway.. I LOVE that song. That guitar bit was nice too.
If only I'd gotten on that flight and made it to the debs.
Chapter 6, Rosie Dunne by Cecelia Ahern
I can't help it. I had to stop reading after that line. I know I said I'd be able to handle love stories.. but that.. sheesh. That is a HORRIBLE story. gah! It's almost 3 years since I first read it, can't believe it still bugs me. I'll read it to the end eventually, but I bet I'll be just as bothered about the ending.

I've been thinking about soulmates since the past week.
I don't know what brought it on.. Boyfie doesn't believe in stuff like that so it was definitely NOT him who brought it up. But reading about Alex and Rosie again.. I shudder to think about having something like they have.
I'm not so sure if I want a soulmate if THAT's how it'll be like.
But being Muslim, I think I'm supposed to believe that somewhere out there in the vast world, someone was made to be right for me.. (err..) or maybe I was made exactly right for him.

I think it'd be nice if you get some sort of a sign when you meet your soulmate. An ache to your rib (err.. there's an explanation to this but it'll probably end up long and winded if I try to elaborate) or maybe something like imprinting. ha! (That's a Twilight reference by the way.. has nothing to do with the term "imprint" in publishing.)
Then again, it's probably a bad idea really.. I don't know...
Ah well.. a million questions and possibilities pops up in mind when I think about "soulmates". It's simply too abstract. Perhaps I should keep my rambling exclusively to my Moleskine.

I should go to bed.


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